Sergei Aksyonov, the Kremlin-appointed "Head" of the Crimea, is convinced that the Russian Federation needs a new form of government - a monarchy. And that the life-long place of the monarch should be occupied by the incumbent President Vladimir Putin,  Aksenov said on the air of Crimean television.

“Today, in my opinion, Russia needs a monarchy ... We wish him [Putin.-Ed.] to be our president till the end of his days. I just, honestly, do not see anybody else. I think that he should be given the President post for life. There are no other candidates and alternatives. This year [the previous one before the presidential elections in Russia - Ed.] will pass under the sign of the unconditional, crushing victory of our leader, despite the intrigues of enemies and opponents, "Aksyonov believes.

Thus, Aksyonov called for a non-violent change in the state system. It should be noted, that at present, according to the current Russian legislation, about twenty activists in the occupied Crimea are being tried on the charge of similar intentions.

Aksenov also believes that Russia does not need the "Western" democracy.

“I believe that such a democracy, in the form it is presented by Western media, is not needed. We have our own traditional Orthodox values, spirituality. Democracy must have certain sane boundaries," he stated.

Elections of the Russian President, scheduled for March 11, 2018, have already become a subject of controversy and loud statements. Earlier, it was proposed to hold elections on March 18 - the day, when the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Crimean puppets signed the so-called "treaty on the annexation of the Crimea to Russia".

PHOTO: Internet