The High Chamber of the Czech Republic’s Parliament, the Senate, considers the work of the country's Prime Minister Andrej Babiš as head of government unacceptable until the investigation of possible frauds with the money of the European Union is completed.

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek recalled that the government does not recommend Czech citizens to go to Crimea, which also applies to the country's Prime Minister.

“The stay of the son of the Premier of the Czech government in the annexed Crimea is not the proper order of things. The Czech Republic does not approve, does not recognize and does not support the annexation of Crimea, and this is the official position of the Czech government.”

In turn, the Head of the Czech government, Andrej Babiš, published photos of his son’s last year’s stay in the Crimea on Facebook.

In one photo he is captured with a girl on the seashore, on the other - with two chinchillas.

“My son was happy there,” Babiš wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the Czech Social Democrats, who are part of the government coalition with the ANO Party of Babiš, said they were considering the option of replacing the head of government.

Czech politicians are considering the option of the premier’s voluntary resignation, after which another ANO representative should take his post.

A scandal erupted in the Czech Republic after an interview with the son of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš Jr. to one of the Czech publications, during which he said that he was taken to the Crimea last year to not testify against his father in a case of possible fraud with EU money.

It is about the alleged appropriation of 50 million euros, the EU allocated to the agricultural concern Stork's Nest by the Prime Minister of the country. This company is associated with Prime Minister Babiš, although he denies this information.
The Czech Prime Minister also refuted his son’s words about taking him to the Crimea, noting that his son was mentally ill.

Source: Radio Liberty