The statement by "the Co-chairman of the V Yalta International Economic Forum", Andrei Nazarov, about readiness of Brussels to cooperate with the "representation" of the occupied Crimea, is a fake, representative of the European Union said to Ukrinform edition.

“The EU’s position is very clear: We do not recognize and will not recognize the self-proclaimed representation of the illegally annexed Crimea and do not intend to somehow cooperate with such entities,” the EU representative stated.

The European Union recalled that they fully support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Belgium, contacted by Ukrinform, also stated that they did not intend to work with the hypothetical "representative offices" of the annexed Ukrainian Peninsula.

The publication writes that the Belgian MP Filip Dewinter, who was mentioned in the publication about the opening of the "representative office" of the Crimea, takes marginal positions and does not enjoy political influence.
Earlier, the "Co-chairman" of the V Yalta International Economic Forum, Andrei Nazarov, told Russian publication Izvestia that in the first half of 2019, a "representative office" of the annexed Crimea would allegedly open in Brussels. According to him, they have already created a working group that organizes the opening of the "organization".

Nazarov noted that the "representative office" would promote the interests of Crimea in the European Union. Belgian MP Dewinter added that the organization will be responsible for overcoming the “negative agenda around the region,” and the “representation” should allow European businessmen to implement their business projects in Crimea.

Austrian Senator Gerhard Dörfler spoke about the "representation", stating that the "organization" must be registered in a single "EU transparency registry" in order to work in the EU.
Source: Ukrinform, Izvestia