There is no organization where one could complain in the occupied Crimea, according to the former human rights commissioner of Ukraine Valeria Lutkovska.

"There is not a single international organization that can work there, not even one legitimate body, from my point of view, where one can complain about what is happening there.”

Lutkovskaya noted that she was one of the last officials in the Crimea in March 2014, when the Russian military equipment was rolling on the occupied peninsula.

“I managed to talk with Akhtem Chiygoz, Mustafa Degermendzhi and Ali Asanov in the conditions of the Simferopol detention center. It was a double monitoring visit: Moskalkova and I arrived in Simferopol, and then she and I went to the Nikolayevsky detention center, where I had an opportunity to talk with Odintsov and Baranov (former Ukrainian military from the Crimea who took the side of Russia and were captured by the SBU).”

She went on saying that she offered the Russian Ombudsman to continue similar monitoring visits in the future.

“Consequently, I suggested to the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation to come and see the conditions under which Russian citizens are detained on the territory of Ukraine. And I would have had the opportunity to come to the Ukrainians, who are unlawfully from our point of view, kept on the territory of Russia. Unfortunately, we did not have time to sign the corresponding memorandum. But thanks to our connections with Moskalkova, she visited the Crimea three times and some issues were under her control. This reduced pressure on those who were in the center of attention of the Russian Ombudsman.”

Earlier, lawyer Nikolai Polozov noted that after the beginning of the occupation in the Crimea, the so-called authorities completely destroyed journalism. Polozov stressed that the Kremlin-controlled authorities are interested in concealing the fact of repression in the Crimea as much as possible, and the activity of civil journalists makes them "deeply irritated".