Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey, Süleyman Soylu shared new information on terrorist attacks in the Turkish city of Istanbul and provided updated data on the victims.

The death toll has reached 38 people, including 30 police officers, 7 civilians and one of the victims was impossible to identify. 155 citizens received injuries of varying severity.

According to Soylu, the terrorist attacks in Istanbul were commited by the Kurdish militants who systematically organize attacks in the east of the Republic.

At this stage, the anti-terrorist operation is carried out in different cities of Turkey to capture suspects in plotting the terrorist attack, as well as those connected with Kurdish militants. The number of detainees has reached 118 people.

Turkish citizens with Turkish flags and different posters took to the streets to protest against terrorism.

Year 2016 in Turkey was marked by a series of terrorist attacks, but the one of December 10 was one of the largest. June 28, 2016 a similar scale terrorist attack was carried out in the main international airport of Istanbul Ataturk. The attack was committed by three suicide bombers. Then, 36 people died and 147 were injured, and on July 15, a group of military attempted a coup.

Photo: Internet