(QHA) -

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has said he is ready to send peacekeeping forces to neighboring Ukraine, where government troops have been battling pro-Russian separatists for six months.

In an interview with the Euronews television channel, excerpts of which were placed on the news outlet’s website on October 2, Lukashenko said, he would be prepared to send people in "if necessary."

"But for me this would be a very dangerous and terrible thing to put my own soldiers at risk..." he added. "If the U.S.A. and Russia mistrust each other, and there is mistrust between the warring parties, I would be putting my own armed forces in harm's way to separate the conflicting parties."

Lukashenko also said he proposed a peace plan months ago, which would have put Belarus peacekeeping troops on the ground, but it was rejected by all sides.