The Head of the Crimean Human Rights Group Olga Skrypnyk took part in a special briefing for the diplomatic corps in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, where the Crimeans Andrii Shchekun and Rinat Paralamov told about the tortures that they were subjected to in the occupied peninsula.

The human rights organization Crimean Human Rights Group reported on the discussion on March 4.

The Foreign Ministry noted that this was the first briefing in the ministry, in which public activists and representatives of non-governmental organizations took part.

“At a special briefing for representatives of the diplomatic corps, they told their stories about inhuman tortures of Russian invaders in the Crimea. This requires considerable effort - to remember those terrible moments again and again," the message says.

Earlier, on March 1 in the occupied Crimea by five left-wing activists were searched: Aleksei Prisyazhnyuk, Igor Panyuta, Artem Vorobyov, Ivan Markov and Oleksyi Shestakovich. Markov and Shestakovych were detained for 10 days and are currently in jail.