There is no peace without equitable involvement of men and women in solving of the problems, said NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security during a public high-level event on gender equality in Ukraine’s defense and security, reported a QHA correspondent.

- Gender equality is not optional - it is fundamental. Through the example of Alliance countries we see that this equality ensures peace and stability in society. Therefore, this issue must be put on the agenda of Ukraine's defense reforms, said Mariette Shuurman.

According to the NATO Representative, more than 27% of NATO countries still have military positions for women in the Armed Forces. On the average, the number of female soldiers in the North Atlantic Alliance constitutes only 10%.

Mariette Shuurman also noted that currently the lack of gender awareness and gender stereotypes are a great challenge for the society. Therefore many countries are unable to adapt their legal norms to modern life.

Photo: Internet