NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that it is necessary to continue to seek opportunities for dialogue with Russia. He stated this in an interview with Bild on the eve of the NATO Council meeting, which will take place on December 19.

Stoltenberg welcomed the decision of the European Union to extend sanctions against Russia for six months due to its actions in Ukraine. According to him, the extension of sanctions "sends a clear signal to Moscow that it will have to pay dearly for violation of international law and the change of borders by force."

However, Stoltenberg said that it is necessary to continue seeking opportunities for dialogue with Russia.

NATO Secretary General added that the important for European security topics, including the conflict in Ukraine, are to be discussed at the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council.

On December 16, Stoltenberg said that the NATO - Russia Council would meet on December 19 in Brussels at the level of permanent representatives to discuss topics related to the security of Europe.

In November, NATO Secretary General informed that the strengthening of the external threat from Russia has prompted the North Atlantic Alliance to review the terms of the deployment of the 300,000 army in Europe. In the interview with The Times, he assured that the army would come in full combat readiness in two months. Thus, in January 2017 the world geopolitical picture will change.

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