Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny was detained on June 12 at the entrance of his house before the rally in the center of Moscow. He is charged with disobedience to police officers (article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), as well as a repeated violation of the procedure for organizing a mass event (Part 8, Article 20.2).

The European Union called on Russia to release those detained during the anti-corruption rally on June 12, according to the statement of EU Foreign Ministry.

“The detention of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators and violence used against them by the Russian authorities in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities across the country today threatens the fundamental freedoms of expression, association and assembly in the Russian Federation. These fundamental rights are enshrined in the Russian constitution and we expect them to be protected, not eroded.
We expect the Russian authorities to abide fully by the international commitments Russia has made, including in the Council of Europe and the OSCE, to uphold these rights, and release without delay peaceful demonstrators or those people who intended to exercise their fundamental rights”, the message said.

The White House also called on Russia to release the protesters detained on June 12.

"The United States strongly condemns the detention of hundreds of peaceful protestors throughout Russia that happened on June 12th.  Detaining peaceful protestors, human rights observers, and journalists is an affront to core democratic values.  The United States will monitor the situation, and we will call on the government of Russia to immediately release all peaceful protestors.  
The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve a government that supports an open marketplace of ideas, transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law, and the ability to exercise their rights without fear or retribution," White House spokesman Sean Spicer said at a briefing in Washington on Monday.

Earlier, QHA reported that, according to Russian media, at least 770 people were detained in Moscow, and 900 people in St. Petersburg for participation in anti-corruption rallies. In total, about 1600 participants of the rally were detained in Russia.

PHOTO: Internet