Nikolai Filipchenko, an employee of the FSB of Russia, was convicted in Lithuania on charges of espionage for 10 years, the BBC reported.
According to the State Security Department of Lithuania, this is the first time that an FSB officer was detained in the country on charges of espionage.
Filipchenko attempted to recruit employees of the state security department of the country, so that they installed listening devices in the residence and office of the President of the Republic Dalia Grybauskaitė.
Defence has 20 days to appeal against the decision in the Lithuanian Court of Appeal protection.
Earlier, Filipchenko was detained in 2015, when he was traveling by transit train from the Kaliningrad region of Russia to Belarus. In 2015, Lithuanian counterintelligence in its report stated that one third of Russian diplomats working in Lithuania were officers of the special services.
PHOTO: Internet