In an interview with Radio Era, Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko said that the conflict in Donbas should be resolved by political means. She suggested ‘convincing Russia to withdraw its militants’ and holding talks with leaders of the DPR and LPR terrorist organizations.

According to Savchenko, there are 2 ways of resolving the conflict in Donbas, such as: imposing new sanctions against Russia, ‘because the country still refuses to pull out its troops from eastern Ukraine and acts in a non-brotherly way’; holding direct talks with the Russian terrorists without adhering to the Minsk agreements and without third or fourth parties.

Savchenko said she is ready to personally negotiate with the DPR and LPR leaders in their people’s deputies capacity.

“Mr. Zakharchenko and Mr Plotnitsky may be positioned by the powers they hold, so let them be positioned as the DPR and LPR people's deputies. I am ready to talk to them,” Savchenko said.

It was reported earlier that Savchenko visited the ATO area where she met with her brothers in arms and got into a helicopter cockpit.