The President of the United States informed the US Congress about the circumstances of the missile strike on Syria and warned about the possibility of new attacks "if necessary", according to a letter of April 8, 2017 addressed to Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan and the President Pro Tempore the Senate Orrin Hatch.

“I directed this action in order to degrade the Syrian military's ability to conduct further chemical weapons attacks and to dissuade the Syrian regime from using or proliferating chemical weapons, thereby promoting the stability of the region and averting a worsening of the region's current humanitarian catastrophe," Trump explained.

He further points that "the United States will take additional action, as necessary and appropriate, to further its important national interests."

Earlier, QHA reported that in the morning of April 7, the United States of America launched a military operation against the forces of the Bashar Assad regime. The American missile hit the Air Force base of the Bashar Assad regime "Shayrat". According to Pentagon spokesperson Colonel Jeff Davis, a massive strike was a response to the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in the city of Khan Sheikhun in the province of Idlib.

As a result of the chemical attack carried out by Assad regime forces in the village of Khan Sheikhun in the province of Idlib on April 4, more than 100 civilians were killed, about 500 people were injured, mostly children.

The UN Security Council failed to adopt the draft resolution on the chemical attack in Syria on April 4, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia called it categorically unacceptable.

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