The US maintains consistency in its massages to Russia demanding to adhere to the Minsk Accords, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, according to the official page of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States on Facebook.

“We have been very consistent in our massages to Russia that the Minsk Accords must be achieved, must be implemented, otherwise nothing can be done about the sanctions situation in Ukraine. As you are aware, we have appointed a special representative to Ukraine, former ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker. Kurt is a very experienced ambassador and diplomat to the area. He knows the area well, he knows Russia well, he certainly knows our partners well. And he is very clear-eyed about his mission - to see if we can engage to move the process in Ukraine forward, it has been stalled as you know for quite some time,” he stated.

Tillerson went on saying that Volker's announcement of the appointment was positively received by both Russia and the entire "Normandy group" as a whole.

“We hope that we can make some progress, in beginning, to move the situation in Ukraine to the place of engagement and movement towards achieving a true ceasefire. Because the outbreaking violence this year was just heartbreaking to watch in eastern Ukraine," Tillerson concluded.

Earlier, on July 28, Russia addressed the United States with a requirement to reduce its diplomatic staff to 455 people in the Russian Federation by September 1 and also, prohibited the United States Embassy to use warehouse premises in Moscow as well as a summer residence in Serebury Bor. And on July 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 755 employees of American diplomatic missions would have to leave Russia.

PHOTO: Internet