In the occupied Crimea in the city of Alupka 150-year-old cypresses are massively cut down for the sake of building a private garage.

According to the Yalta "laws", developers have the right to cut any tree for construction.

So, about two dozen cypresses were destroyed.

When Crimean public activists arrived at the site of another cutting of Red Book cypresses, the builders showed them two warrants each allowing cut down two trees. The so-called authorities of Yalta valued four Red Book cypresses at 106500 rubles.

“We have not conducted the inspection there yet. On this fact, we can say that the land is allocated to the property. There are owners who, according to the rules for keeping green plantations, applied to the commission, the commission came, inspected what got into the construction site and drew an act. Payment was made to the local budget and removal was carried out. In what quantity and how many they have removed - the check is under way,” said the so-called head of environmental control of the Yalta occupation administration Aleksandr Gramotenko, who signed under an order allowing cutting down the red-listed trees.

In connection with what happened, the indifferent Crimean people from Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Simferopol and Feodosia expressed their support to the local social groups in social networks.

QHA reported that the so-called Minister of Natural Resources of the occupied peninsula Gennady Narayev admitted that the forest was being mass-cut in the Crimea. Trees are destroyed due to the construction of federal highways and other infrastructure.

Source: Primechaniya