In the occupied Crimea in the village of Krasnohvardiiske another portion of fines was paid that the "courts" imposed on Crimean Tatar activists for participation in one-person pickets in the past year.

According to activists who came to pay fines with 10-ruble coins, cashiers in the bank did not want to count a huge amount of coins.

“I would like to draw attention to the unity that exists in our people. Separately, we thank the people who did not remain indifferent - Russians, Ukrainians. They support and understand that the indigenous people are being oppressed in the Crimea," said one of the participants in the picket.

Reference: in the occupied Crimea fines are still paid for the Crimean Tatar activists who went on one-person pickets, protesting against the arbitrariness of Russian security forces. Money to pay fines is collected during the Crimean Marathon campaign.

Earlier, on March 14 in the occupied Crimea in the city of Stary Krym, activists paid administrative fines, which were imposed by the so-called court for participation in one-person pickets.

March 22, administrative fines of one-person picketers were paid in the city of Sudak.