The occupation court in the Crimea extended the detention term for the pro-Ukrainian activist Vladimir Baluh until March 4, the journalist Anton Naumlyuk informed on Facebook.

“Vladimir Baluh remains in custody until March 4. The complaint, which was filed a month ago, has been considered only today in the Supreme Court of the Crimea.”

Crimean patriot Vladimir Baluh told the court about the political nature of the investigation against him and planted evidence. He argues that the occupants will not be able to break his spirit by their actions.

“Everything that is happening, along with the third search warrant, is pressure on me. Because in this vile world cultivated by state, I prefer to remain a man ... It is not so hard to find the appeals and cassation complaints, to see that a year ago they threatened me with planting the weapon and ammunition to carry out what they are doing now. Destroying my livelihood to break me. But it's no use, I can be deprived the funds and life, but my spirit is not to brake.”

Earlier QHA reported that in 2013 Vladimir Baluh placed Ukrainian flag outside his home. April 30, 2015, the Crimean was visited by the Russian-controlled law enforcement officers. Then he was suspected of stealing parts from the T-74 tractor. However, Baluh refused to talk with representatives of the Federal Security Service and was in hiding for 11 days. At this time, law enforcement officials turned his house upside down as well as his mother's house and removed the flag of Ukraine.

November 14, 2015, law enforcement officers came to him again. Following the search in the house of Baluh, the law enforcers initiated a criminal case against him under article 319 of the Russian Criminal Code "insulting a public official." In the summer of 2016 Razdolnensky District "Court" in the occupied Crimea sentenced a citizen of Ukraine Vladimir Baluh to 320 hours of compulsory labor.

December 8 FSB once again conducted a search in his house. Following the search, the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Baluh was detained for the possession of 90 rounds of ammunition and TNT blocks, allegedly found in the attic of his house.

During the meeting scheduled January 23, lawyer of Vladimir Baluh discovered signs of physical effects on the face of his client that may indicate that he had been pressured in Simferopol prison. In this regard, Vladimir Baluh and his lawyer insisted on meeting with the Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska.
Photo: Internet