27 armed provocations recorded in Mariupol direction, informs the ATO headquarters press centre.

In the area of Mykhailovka invaders fired mortars of 82-th and 120-th caliber, and near the village Pischovik 122-mm artillery was engaged. The militants shelled Pavlopolye and Krasnogorovka from machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. Near Lebedinskoe and Vodyanoe continued shelling of 120-mm mortars, and in Shirokino they used mortars and infantry fighting vehicles.

In the Donetsk direction invaders broke the silence mode seven times. The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of Slavnoe, Avdeevka and Luhansk were shelled with 82-mm mortars; the militants intensified the fire with grenade launchers of various systems, machine guns and small arms.

Three shelling cases recorded at the direction of Luhansk. Near the village Krimskoe terrorists fired from cannon artillery caliber 152 mm, and in villages Lopaskino and Stanitsa Luganska grenade launchers were used.