In the occupied Crimea in Koktebel resort beaches were flooded with sewage, the blogger Aleksandr Gorny reported on "Echo of Moscow" and published photos taken on April 1.

“In Koktebel, a real ecological catastrophe is observed... When we together with the Koktebel residents were looking at this dirty, stinky swamp draining into the sea, they could not remember such things happening before, and this is actually the very center of the Koktebel Bay, where tourists will arrive in a couple of months,” he wrote.

Gorny stated that all local beaches should be closed for the whole summer.

“This disaster in Koktebel did not happen yesterday, I received similar photos a few days ago and was asked to deal with it. With such an ecological situation, the holiday season is simply under threat.”

The blogger stressed that Feodosia and Koktebel in the Crimea annexed by Russia are "the most unfortunate settlements on the map of the Crimea".

“This is a zone of continuous lawlessness, powerlessness and decline... The place became worse than a garbage dump ... and in the summer it stinks with sewage and kebabs.”

QHA reported that representatives of public organizations in the annexed Crimea were disturbed by the growth of landfills near the settlements of the peninsula.

Source: Ekho Moskvy