The “Ministry of Labor and Social Protection” of the Crimea paid 400 thousand rubles (about 6061 USD) to eight victims of the explosion and shooting on October 17 in the Kerch Polytechnic College, the "department" informed on its website of today, November 7.

Reportedly, the money was paid to four victims, who received serious injuries, as well as four victims with injuries of moderate severity. Thus, in general, they paid 3.2 million rubles (about 48488 USD).

The money came from the reserve fund of the Russian government.

“In total, for the financial realization of social support measures for citizens, funds were received from the reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation in the amount of 38.760 million rubles, and 46 million rubles from the reserve fund of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea.”

It is further noted that previously from the reserve funds of the Government of Russia and the "Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea" 20 families of those killed in the tragedy were paid 39.5 million rubles, and 52 victims totally received 26 million rubles.
"Head of the Crimea," Sergei Aksyonov stated that the families of those who died in the Kerch Polytechnic College would receive 1 million rubles from the Russian budget and 500 thousand rubles will be allocated for each of the victims.

Father of Natalya Kalinichenko injured during a blast at college, who had her foot amputated, reported that he could not get the promised money. At the same time, the Crimean "authorities" stated that they had transferred funds to his account.

"The First Deputy Minister of labor and social protection" of the Crimea Tatyana Gudilko said that as of October 2, all victims of the tragedy in the Kerch Polytechnic College were paid the promised money.

As of November 7, 11 victims of the tragedy in Kerch still remain in the clinics of Moscow.