Moscow will not agree to the collective exchange on the list of Ukrainian political prisoners, lawyer Mark Feygin stated in a comment to QHA.

He noted that among media people, such as Oleg Sentsov and Roman Sushchenko chances for exchange are higher.

“I believe that, firstly, Moscow will not agree to the exchange the listed individuals. Everything that is more than two, in my opinion, is unacceptable for Moscow in this situation. They will not discuss collective exchange on the list. Secondly, it is clear that the chances are higher for media people ... these are Sentsov, Sushchenko, and may be some others.”

The lawyer stressed that Moscow is delaying the reaction on the incoming exchange offers, but there is a chance of an exchange after the World Cup.

According to Feygin, there is also the possibility of exchanging Sushchenko for one of the Russians.

“Again, we do not fully understand what Moscow wants. If Moscow insists on its own interests, not only in the case of Vyshinsky, but also on some others, I cannot say what the final decision will be, what the compromise will be. Chances of an exchange exist, of course.”

Earlier, Verkhovna Rada Vice-Speaker Irina Gerashchenko announced the names of the Russians whom Kyiv is ready to exchange for the Kremlin prisoners. The list contains 23 people who are serving a sentence for crimes committed in Ukraine. The director of RIA Novosti Ukraina Kirill Vyshinsky is not on the list.