The head of the laundry of the Sudak tourist-health complex in the annexed Crimea forbade employees to communicate with each other in the Crimean Tatar language, political analyst Lenora Dyulber reported on her Facebook page.

It is noted, that almost all employees of the laundry are Crimean Tatars.

“The head of the laundry summoned one of the employees of the laundry, the Crimean Tatar, and categorically stated that no one in her laundress should speak Crimean Tatar!” Dyulber wrote.

The woman complained that she did not understand what the staff were talking about during lunch.

“The Crimean Tatar women did not stand in silence and reminded the head that the Crimean Tatar language is one of the three state languages in Crimea, and such “orders” are at least illegal, and for the most part - offensive. In response, the head called the women nationalists.”

Laundry staff are going to file a statement with the management of the tourist-health complex Sudak and if they do not take any measures, they will contact the competent authorities.

Earlier, in August, the director of the school in the village of Orlovka, Nakhimov district, Sevastopol, refused to open a class with the Crimean Tatar language of education. According to lawyer Lenura Engulatova, the parents of first-graders repeatedly addressed the director of the Sevastopol school Lyudmila Soloshenko with the corresponding request during the period of May-August 2018. Soloshenko said that she allegedly has no additional room, nor a primary school teacher with the right to teach in the Crimean Tatar language.