In the occupied Crimea in Yalta, a Ukrainian Ihor Krinichny was kicked out of the hospital, where he got after he was beaten for Ukrainian symbols on his car, activist Ilona Karasyan reported on Facebook.

The beaten Crimean man was refused treatment because he did not have a Russian passport.

“It's been 4 days since I was beaten. Three days I was in the hospital and then was kicked out. Without a Russian passport, you cannot stay in a hospital - they do not treat you. Here is this symbolism (on the car) I was beaten for. Although I am a Ukrainian living in the Crimea. Crimea, Yalta - nothing has changed. It only became dangerous to be a Ukrainian,” Krinichny said.

Krinichny added that after the beating, the attacker comes and spits on his car every day.

“Every day he comes and spits on my car. I asked him why he was doing it. To which he answered “because you are Ukrop and fascist, here are the consequences," he said.

QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea an elderly Crimean Tatar woman with an attack of renal colic was discharged from the hospital due to refusal to take part in voting at the illegal presidential election.