International and European Federation of Journalists appealed to the Russian government in order to persuade it to release the journalist Nikolai Semena - accused of extremism in the Russian-occupied Crimea - for urgent treatment on the mainland Ukraine, reads a statement published on the IFJ's website.

In their statement, the journalist noted that Semena has serious back problems, namely, the need for urgent treatment of spinal injury.

In addition, Semena suffers from cardiac problems, which also require treatment.

Just a reminder: On April 19, the pro-Russian "prosecutor" of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya launched a criminal case against the journalist Nikolai Semena on charges of separatism and his articles. On April 28, after questioning and searches, he received the status of a suspect. However, Semena  denies the allegations of the occupation authorities.

As QHA reported earlier, the defense of the Ukrainian journalist Nikolai Semena asked permission of the Crimean occupation authorities to release the suspect for treatment at the Kyiv Institute of Neuroscience.

Photo: Internet