Anti-fascist Oleksandr Kolchenko sentenced to 10 years in the case of "Crimean terrorists" decided to go on a hunger strike in support of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, Kolchenko's lawyer Andrei Lepekhin informed in the social network Telegram.

Soon, as the lawyer reported the media, Kolchenko wrote a corresponding statement addressed to the head of the colony in which he is serving his sentence.

"In my presence he wrote a statement addressed to the head of the colony, he announced a hunger strike demanding to release Sentsov, and then gave it to the colony employees who carried him to the head," the lawyer said.

Mother of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksandr Kolchenko - Larissa dissuaded her son from participating in the hunger strike in support of another prisoner of the Kremlin Oleg Sentsov.

According to Larissa Kolchenko, due to the fact that Oleksandr was diagnosed with a deficit in weight in the Russian colony, she asked her son not to refuse food.

“Although support actions are taking place all over the world, it seems to me that this does not work for Russia. We saw what the justice is there. I think we should not count on compassion and mercy on the part of Russia," she said.

The mother of the Ukrainian notes that her son looks very emaciated.

"It's just that he has such a complexion ... And for the past six months, he looks very emaciated," she said.

On May 30, the fourth prisoner of the Kremlin, convicted in the "March 26 case" Stanislav Zimovets went on a hunger strike in support of another political prisoner Oleg Sentsov.

In July 2017, Tverskoy District Court of Moscow sentenced Stanislav Zimovets to 2.5 years in prison. According to the Russian investigation, on March 26, 2017, during a protest in the Russian capital, he threw a piece of brick toward the riot police. Zimovets allegedly hit an OMON officer in the back.
Reference: Kolchenko is serving time in Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region of the RF. In March 2016, his lawyer Svetlana Sidorkina reported that the Chelyabinsk lawyer Andrei Lepekhin promised to visit her client at least once a month.

QHA reported that Oleg Sentsov started the hunger strike on May 14, demanding the Russian authorities to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners. On May 29, the Ukrainian filmmaker agreed to supportive therapy.

Source: New Time