Belarus residents listen to their leader’s words and take them seriously. Thus, they have started posting to social networks the photos showing how they sit naked at their workplaces.

A flashmob has started due to the President Alexander Lukashenko’s words saying one needs to "undress and work," reported meduza.io.

- You know how to do, what to do and what goals to achieve. Everything is simple. Innovations, IT-technology, privatization and so on - all this is clear, we have already mastered it. But our life consists of simple things: one needs to undress and work, the Head of State told at the fifth "All-Belarusian People's Assembly" June, 22.

Most likely, Lukashenko wanted to say "develop" instead of "undress," but it's too late to think about it: the words "undress and work" have inspired the Belarusians to launch the flashmob.

The residents took the President’s advice and started carrying out his instructions posting pics with a hashtag "undressandwork".

Photo: Internet