Crimean Tatar Nedim Khalilov, deported from the Crimea by the occupation authorities, refuses to be hospitalized in case of deterioration of his health due to a hunger strike. The activist posted the corresponding statement addressed to President of the Russian Federation, the chief of the OSUVSIG and prosecutor of Lazorevsky district on his Facebook page.

Nedim Khalilov said that at the moment the staff of Russia's special institutions of temporary detention of foreign nationals (OSUVSIG) is expecting the critical deterioration of his health, to forcibly put him in a hospital.

He has also published an updated list of his requirements.

Based on the above, I require:
1. Not to hospitalize me in case of deterioration of my health.
2. Provide for me, Nedim Khalilov Abdulaevich - Crimean Tatar and a stateless person - the official status of "stateless person."
3. Issue for me, Nedim Khalilov Abdulaevich, the ID card saying "stateless person" with the indication of my ethnicity "Crimean Tatar."
4. Move me, Nedim Khalilov Abdulaevich, from the OSUVIG of the Krasnodar Territory to Simferopol in the same way that I was taken from the Crimea to the OSUVSIG of the Krasnodar Territory on November 8, 2016.

In his message of December 1, Nedim Khalilov feared that he would be sent for psychiatric examination with further involuntary confinement in the clinic.

Photo: Internet