During the third hearing in Ilmi Umerov’s case the "expert" Ivanova, who undertook the linguistic review constituting the ground for accusation, was questioned. A number of inconsistencies were revealed at once in the case file.

The interrogation of the "expert" began with the question about education. It turned out that Ivanova was an English and Chinese linguist-translator. However, the original Ilmi Umerov’s speech, pronounced on the ATR TV channel air, was in the Crimean Tatar language, and the investigator put a simple translation to the case materials that was subsequently examined.

The real transcript of Umerov's speech is absent in the case materials.

It soon became clear that the "expert" Ivanova, violating the standards on the completeness of research, had not even watched the video of Umerov's speech that became the basis of the prosecution.

Also, lawyers pointed out a discrepancy in the dates of expert opinion preparation and request for its conduct. The difference was 7 days. However, the "expert" stated that it was only a "typo".

The two-sheet expert opinion itself was made on the same day of the request for this analysis. 

Ivanova also could not explain what laws and documents legalized the Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation. But later she said that the conclusions about the "calls" to violate the territorial integrity of Russia derived from the "general thrust of the text."

Proceeding from the inconsistencies revealed during the interrogation,  the defence after a 10-minute break filed a request for Ivanova’s documents confirming her qualifications: copies of the graduation certificate, of the work record book, the expert certificate, as well as the documents on professional development.

The court granted the motion and ordered to provide the documents requested by June 28, that is, to the next session.

Reference: The Russian authorities accuse Ilmi Umerov of allegedly having made "calls for the actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation with the use of mass media and information and telecommunications networks (including the Internet)."

The criminal case was opened on May 12, 2016, as a search was carried out in Umerov's house. Ilmi Umerov was issued a travel ban. The investigation lasted almost a year. During this period a number of expertise (photo, linguistic) were conducted. Also Umerov was placed in the hospital of a psychiatric clinic in Simferopol without any legal grounds, for allegedly passing a forensic psychiatric examination, where he spent 21 days.

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