On the morning of May 8, representatives of the Russian Federation power structures  on three buses arrived in the district of the village of Hapsihor (Morske), where Crimean Tatars live compactly, and cordoned off the area, a Crimean activist Lenora Dulber reported.

“Now according to the information from the inhabitants of the village of Hapsihor (Morske), the area where Crimean Tatars reside in compact groups, is cordoned off by three buses of armed people, so far no action has been taken.”

Later it became known that the Russian security forces arrived in a full suit of armour (helmets, bullet-proof vests, weapons) to conduct a search of the Crimean Tatar Yusuf Toroz.

“A search in the house of Yusuf Toroz; The block is cordoned off by Special Rapid Response Unit officers with helmets, bullet-proof vests, assault rifles; The reason for the search is not known.”

At 12:00 the search in the house of Yusuf Toroz continues. Armed occupants do not allow neighbors to the courtyard of the Crimean Tatar.

By 14:00 the search was over, nothing was seized. The security forces informed the owners that the reason for the investigative actions was the suspicion in the production of drugs. The son of a Crimean Tatar was taken to a local police station.

“The search in the house of Yusuf Toroz ended, the reason for the search, according to the owner of the house, was alleged production of drugs. Yusuf's son, along with his daughter-in-law, went to Sudak to the hospital, their car was stopped by the security forces, returned home and searched. In the house nothing was seized, Yusuf's son was taken to the Sudak police station," Lenora Dulber informed on her page.

At 17:30 it became known that the Russian security forces held Server, son of Yusuf Toroz who had been taken away after the search, in a closed area of ​​a local hotel. At the same time,the information about any searches and detentions in the Morske police station on May 8 is absent.

19:30. The detained Crimean Tatar, Server Toroz, was taken to Russian city of Krasnodar, QirimInfo reports with reference to Lenor Dulber.

“We suspect that Amet Ametov, who was also detained this morning, is also being taken to Krasnodar. He can not be found in Simferopol, where they promised to deliver him," Dulber stated.

Earlier, the same morning, Russian invaders conducted a search in the house of the Head of the Sudak regional Mejlis Ilver Ametov, after which they handcuffed his son Amet, put him in a car and took to Simferopol, according to invaders.

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