On 8th of November the searches at homes of Crimean Tatars started again.

The corresponding statement was made by “Crimean Solidarity” social movement on their Facebook page.

“The search was conducted again in Bakhchysarai.
This time, Seitumer Seitumerov, a civil and public activist, was at the forefront of the security force’s attention. He is widely known in the Crimea as a photographer of local landscapes. According to the information found on the facebook, he has an economics degree and also manages “Salachyk” café owned by Marlen Asanov, who was detained on October, 11th,” reads the message.

Lawyer wasn’t allowed for the search at the house of Seitumerov on Richna str. In Bakhchysarai.

Besides, the security forces searched the houses of two more Crimean Tatars - Alimdar Belyalov (Staryi Krym, Krestyanska Str, 11/2) and Eldar Kantemirov (Simferopol district, Zarichne village).

Reportedly, security forces took money from Belyalov during the search ($3000 and 60 thousand rubles) without a relevant protocol, and also seized the phone allegedly for examination. Several people working for Belyalov were invited to the department.

The security forces also seized a phone and a laptop for "examination" from the house of Eldar Kantemirov.

The activist of the "Crimean solidarity"  movement said that today's searches have been consistently and purposefully held to put pressure on activists of the social movement aiming “to make everybody silent on what is going on in the Crimea". The last meeting of activists was held in the city of Staryi Krym, where Alimdar Belyalov resides.

Rederence: the Kremlin-controlled Kyiv district court in Simferopol has chosen a preventive measure for all six Crimean Tatars, whose homes were searched on October 11th. The activists were arrested for two months.

Earlier, QHA reported that on October 11, invaders in the Crimea were conducting regular searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars. According to the updated information, searches are carried out in homes of:

Suleiman Asanov (owner of the cafe "Salachyk") at the address Bakhchysarai, 9 Chepurina St.

Seyran Saliev (activist, who was searched for the third time) at the  address Bakhchysarai, 20 Mira st., apartment 60).

Timur Ibragimov (civil activist), searched at the address Bakhchysarai, 14, Mira st.

Server Zekeryaev, at the address Bakhchisaray, 16, Gordienko st.

Memet Belyalov (who lives in the street next to Suleiman Asanov).

Ernest Ametov

Dzhemil Temishev, lawyer of Timur Ibragimov, said that six Crimean Tatars were charged with "a crime against the fundamentals of Russia's national security, constitutional order and territorial integrity."