Activist Seitumer Seitumerov who was searched today, is in the Bakhchysarai district police department, the activist Server Mustafayev informed Hayat Radio.

“Of all the today's searches, only Seitumer Seitumer was detained. He is now in the Bakhchysarai district police department. The search operation was conducted, as we know from the words of his lawyer Eden Semedlyaev, by the Center for Combating Extremism. He is charged with allegedly extremist content of a post in social networks. What kind of a post was it, and in what social network, I can not yet say," Mustafayev reported.

He believes that today's regular searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars are nothing but psychological and moral pressure by the invaders to intimidate activists.

“The information disseminated by the activists during the streams about the events and the situation in the Crimea is currently given world-wide publicity. They want to stop the peaceful resistance of those opposing to what is being done against the Crimean Tatar people ... I connect all today's events and past detentions with the fact that these are active people helping "Crimean solidarity" in covering events, like the Crimean marathon for collecting money and so on. This is a signal of intimidation, they say: "Do not help them, do not stay close to them," he stated.

Earlier, this morning, November 8, in the occupied Crimea, the homes of Crimean Tatars were searched again.

In Bakhchysarai, a search was conducted in the house of a civil activist Seitumer Seitumerov. His lawyer was not allowed to the search in his house in Rechnaya Street.

Besides him, the security forces searched the houses of two more Crimean Tatars - Alimdar Belyalov (town of Stary Krym, Krestyanska Street, 11/2) and Eldar Kantemirov (Simferopol district, Zarechnoye settlement).

The activist of the Crimean solidarity group said that today's searches had been conducted consistently and purposefully to put pressure on the activists of the social movement in order to "keep them quiet about what is happening in the Crimea."