The tumor on the leg of the Crimean Tatar Uzeir Abdullaev, illegally detained by the occupiers, has slightly shrank, Crimean lawyer Mammet Mambetov informed on his Facebook page.

 “Today visited Uzeir Abdullaev in the remand center of Simferopol again. This time he looked better than May 3. The tumor on the leg began to shrink somehow. Uzeir thanked everyone for caring and conveyed best wishes,” he wrote.

The lawyer further pointed to the fact that the improvement of the detainee’s health was not related to medical assistance.

“He has not yet been examined as expected. The ultrasound of vessels, for which he was taken out of the pre-trial detention center for two hours, is not an examination. Uzeir has had such attacks for the third consecutive month at intervals once a month, but nobody has yet taken his blood for biochemistry from the vein. Doctors either are not competent in this issue, or conceal his illness from him. But this is the right of a citizen, moreover, being in custody - to know everything about his health,” he wrote.

Earlier Mambetov said that Uzeir Abdullaev involved in a fictitious "case" of Hizb ut-Tahrir must be hospitalized. The lawyer stressed that the Crimean Tatar activist can move "only with the help of a stick."