Ukrainian journalists called on the authorities and the international community to contribute to the release of civil journalist Nariman Memedeminov, the Crimean SOS human rights organization informed.

Among those who expressed their support are the host of the TV channel "Ukraine" Oleg Panyuta, the presenter of the "Black Sea TV and Radio Company" Olena Badyuk, the director of the news agency QHA and Hayat radio Gayana Yuksel, the executive producer of the TV channel UA: Crimea Osman Pashaev, host of the radio Meydan FM Lydia Polyanskaya, the chief editor of " 5 channel "Volodymyr Mzhelsky, Deputy General Director of the ATR television channel Aider Muzhdabaev, radio SOK leader Sonya Sotnik, journalist of Gromadsky Radio Andrei Kulikov and others.

Oleg Panyuta said that he was delighted with the fortitude of Nariman Memedeminov and wished him a speedy return home.

Leader of "Black Sea TV and Radio Company" Olena Badyuk in her appeal noted that Memedeminov suffered because of his civil position and journalistic activities.

Osman Pashayev criticized the accusation by the invaders - the propaganda of terrorism - against the Crimean journalist.

"Everything that the Russian authorities dislike is now being interpreted as "the propaganda of terrorism". The case against Nariman Memedeminov is an attempt to shut down the mouth to independent journalism," he said.

April 3, the so-called "Supreme Court" of the Republic of Crimea upheld the decision to leave Crimean Tatar activist and civil journalist Nariman Memedeminov in custody until May 16, 2018.

QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea the FSB initiated a case against the detained Nariman Memedeminov. The Crimean Tatar is suspected of "public calls to carry out terrorist activities".