On the night of July 10, unknown people kidnapped Muslim Boradin, a Crimean Muslim (according to the updated QHA information, Peter S. Boradin converted to Islam more than 15 years ago) in Lenine village of the Russian-occupied Crimea. Within three hours the man was held in the middle of the field. He was threatened with firing squad and the unknown people extorted cooperation. The kidnapped Crimean alleged that the kidnappers might have been FSB officials, Facebook user Narim Nead reported and shared a video with Muslim retelling the circumpstances of his abduction.

According to Muslim Boradin, at night his brother called him and said that his old acquaintance from Saransk was coming. Being half-awake Muslim left the house and got into a white foreign car with four other people. One of them did not look like Slavic.

“They began to ask me who Oleg was. I replied that I did not know such a person. They asserted that I allegedly knew. They were swearing and threatened to speak with me elsewhere if I did not tell them everything the next moment. I answered that they were probably mistaken”, Boradin told.

Then the Crimean was taken to the unknown place in Feodosia direction, where the kidnappers threatened him with a pistol, demanding to confess to the former ties with a certain state official to whom he allegedly gave information on “Hizb ut-Tahrir” organization.

“I told them back in the car that to put a person in, to take away, and to kill was not the appropriate way to deal with the issue. I should have some lawyer. It is a total mayhem. What kind of state is it, that turns a blind eye to this mess? Then I said that I would not tell them anything they wanted to hear from me. We came here, so shoot and bury me”.

The kidnappers realized that they could not intimidate Boradin with threats and began to incline him to cooperation. They suggested to provide them with information about Muslims he knew.

After his refusal, the kidnappers asked Boradin to write a statement that he did not belong to any terrorist organizations and that he had a "normal conversation" with them. Muslim Boradin noted in the video that he had been writing under the kidnappers' dictation.

“I have never seen such things in my entire life. And so far, I do not understand why such things happen. Now I am telling all this to my brothers and sisters, for everyone to understand what times we live in nowadays. Is it really necessary to seek such sophisticated methods to frighten a person?”

They returmed Muslim Boradin home in the morning and told him not to disclose the details of the "conversation" to relatives and friends.
According to Narim Nead who shared the story, now Muslim Boradin experiences anxiety