Prisoner of the Kremlin, involved in the fictitious case "Hizb ut-Tahrir" Vadim Siruk sent a letter from the detention center in which he tells about the facts of bullying.

According to Siruk, the officers of the remand center and OMON rudely treated prisoners during the "planned search" in the cell, they were swearing, beat the prisoners, and threatened with dogs.

“The OMON officers tried to knock down the prisoners who were exiting the cell by kicking their legs and body. Those who could not stand and fell down were grabbed and pushed forward. The same thing happened to me," he wrote.

According to Siruk, he also lost his balance and hit his head against the wall. After that, everyone was given the command to take the squatting position, hands behind the head, face down. The prisoners spent 1-1.5 hours in this position while their personal belongings were inspected.

As a result of the inspection, a rug for namaz and a shaving machine were taken from Siruk, and when an indictment was found among his personal belongings, he was taken away for a "talk".

Siruk provides a dialogue from memory:

-   "How did it happen that you became a terrorist?
-    I'm not a terrorist.
-    If you spread your radical views, you'll regret it. I'm closely watching people like you.
-    I do not have radical views, I'm just accused of them.
-    Why did you read the forbidden literature, watched the videos?
-    I downloaded books in the times of Ukraine, it was not forbidden then.
-    Yes, everything is allowed in your Ukraine. What do you plan to do after the sentence term?
-    I have not yet been convicted.
-    But look, such people as you, if necessary, can be lost both in a camp, and after. Do you understand? "

Earlier, Siruk sent his appeal to the public, calling the indifference and fear a cancer of society.

Previously, OMON officers in the Krasnodar detention center severely beat Vadim Siruk. His lawyer Emil Kurbedinov believes that beating Siruk was a revenge for informing about the inhuman treatment of the prisoners by the administration of the Krasnodar detention center.

Source: Levyi Bereg