March 7, in Vinnytsia, two combatants, Wilhelm Kreuz and Viktor Khomyak, returned their combat decoration to President Poroshenko in protest against the actions of law enforcement agencies on March 3 near the Verkhovna Rada, the organization Rukh Vysvolennia Vinnytsia  (Movement of Liberation Vinnitsya) reports.

In the session hall of the Vinnytsia regional council, after three unsuccessful attempts to open an extraordinary session, the veteran of the ATO, Wilhelm Kreuz, approached the microphone and said he was returning his presidential award for participation in the ATO in protest.

He said that after beating his brothers outside the Verkhovna Rada, he does not want to own the award signed by the president. He gave his award to the Deputy Head of the Vinnytsia regional council, Ihor Khmel, with a request to give it back it to the president.

Then the fighter of the 25th battalion "Kievan Rus" Viktor Khomyak also returned his awards.

A similar step was taken by several ATO participants, volunteers and public activists.

“Ternopil veterans of ATO and public activists have returned all their awards from the President for beating peaceful protesters near the Verkhovna Rada by unidentified police officers, without counters, wearing balaclaws. A worthy and courageous deed causes sincere respect! Movement of the New Forces wrote on Facebook.

Reference: on March 3, law enforcement officers detained more than 100 people near the building of the Verkhovna Rada.
Law enforcers noted that 9 grenades of RGD-5, fuses, Molotov cocktails and 5 smoke mines were discovered and seized in the tent camp during the investigation. All items were sent for examination