In Yalta, local MPs wrote a collective report on a lawyer to FSB for his pro-Ukrainian position, reads a document published by the Crimean human rights group.

The MPs addressed the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation to check the resident of Crimea, Yuri Fromus, based on the fact that he did not support the annexation of Crimea by Russia, as evidenced by his posts on Facebook.

“Your particular attention should be paid to the fact that Formus Y. V. opposes the reunification of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia, and supports the return of the said Russian Federation entities to Ukraine, as evidenced by the content of his Facebook page,” the officials report.

In this regard, they required that the special services of the Russian Federation checked Yuri Formus:

“Based on the above, we, members of the Yalta City Council of Crimea, ask you to entrust the inquiry into Y.V. Formus’s activities aimed at undermining the authority of state and local authorities of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Crimea.

Following that, Yuri Formus was summoned to the police for “questioning.”

Yuri Formus is a practicing lawyer living in Yalta and engaged in land issues.

According to the head of the Crimean human rights group Olga Skrypnyk, "many norms of the Russian legislation (primarily "anti-extremist" and "anti-terrorism"), which are now used in Crimea, are very vague - without clear definitions. This allows using such rules for the persecution of people on political, economic or other reasons.

Photo: Internet