Through the fault of the utility workers, the fountains are pouring from the flower beds, local residents reported.

“The reconstructed center of Simferopol continues to amaze, this time with a festive fountain,” civil activist Aleksander Talipov posted and commented on the video.

Earlier, not so long ago, residents of Simferopol could watch the underground high-voltage cable sparkling.

An attempt was made to reconstruct the center of Simferopol in September 2016. The so-called "reconstruction" of streets in the center of the occupied Simferopol caused resentment among local residents.

In particular, the tiling of the streets was not straight, with obvious gaps in the seams. The luminaires are loosely covered with tiles, so that they can be freely removed from the cover, moreover, in some places they rise above the level of the tile, which can lead to injuries to pedestrians. Sewage grids in the streets were laid rusty and also rise above the level of the tile or fit loosely.

The repeated repairs carried out by the occupants at the end of the winter of this year were also unsuccessful. The reason for this was that the workers joined the tiles on the frozen ground, and the fix was started on frozen ground as well.

PHOTO: Internet