The leader of the terrorist organization DPR, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, announced the creation of a new state called Malorossiya [or Little Russia], which, he said, should become the "successor of Ukraine, Interfax reports.

"We agree that the new state will be called Malorossiya," the leader of the DPR told the reporters.

According to him, Donetsk will be the capital of "Little Russia", and the militants took Kyiv as the "historical and cultural center without the status of the capital city". Furthermore, the flag of Ukrainian Hetman of XVII century Bogdan Khmelnitsky is recognized as the "state flag of Little Russia."

Zakharchenko went on saying that it would be necessary to introduce a state of emergency in the country for three years.

“In order to avoid chaos, we propose to introduce a state of emergency for three years, at that time the activity of any parties is banned, at the same time investigations begin with the involvement of the international community on crimes in Odesa, on Maidan, in the Donbas. This decision has been long ripen, but everything has its time, and today we are offering the option that will stop the war," the militant leader said.

According to Zakharchenko, the situation in the Donbas is at an impasse since a "knot that already can not be cut" was tied up.

Earlier, the terrorist leader of the so-called "DPR" Aleksandr Zakharchenko announced the transition of all schools in the "republic" into Russian language.

PHOTO: Internet