The Kremlin excludes the possibility of exchanging Ukrainians convicted in Russia in the framework of the Minsk agreements, these issues are discussed at the "high level".

“As for a number of persons who were convicted here in Russia, then, of course, they could not be considered captives or detained persons. They were convicted in Russia under Russian law. In any case, such issues are discussed at the highest level, and everything depends on those decisions that are approved by the Head of State,” Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia informed.

Data on the number of Ukrainians kept in Russia differs. December 27, the SBU reported dozens of detainees.

Earlier, December 27, an exchange of prisoners between Kyiv and the separatists of the ORDLO took place at "Mayorsk" checkpoint on the dividing line near Horlivka of the Donetsk region. The proposed scheme assumed the exchange of "306 by 74".

Militants had freed 73 Ukrainians in the course of the exchange of detained persons in the Donbas, another female military officer decided to stay in the territory controlled by the ORDO, explaining this by having a family in Donetsk.

In turn, 233 persons out of the list of 306 people were handed by Kyiv to the militants through pardon and release from custody.

Another 73 people detained in Ukraine had refused to go to the ORDLO territory, including 26 people who indicated their refusal directly at the exchange.

According to the SBU, 103 Ukrainian hostages still remain in captivity of pro-Russian militants after this exchange.
QHA reported that Ukrainian political prisoners are expected to be exchanged for Russian military and saboteurs captured on the territory of Ukraine within the framework of the strategy for returning the Ukrainian political prisoners from Russian prisons.

Source: Radio Liberty