In the Ukrainian city of Luhansk occupied by Russian militants, the so-called “militia veterans” complain about the self-proclaimed “LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs” conducting searches and arrests, according to the message of Dmitry Tymchuk,  coordinator of “Information Resistance” group, on Facebook.

“At one of the last leadership meetings of so-called “LPR Ministry of State Security” , numerous appeals to “LPR “security forces” were noted in several occupied settlements of Luhansk region. “Militia veterans” complained on unreasonable searches in their apartments and houses, detentions and arrests that the “LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs” carried out under any pretence or even without it.”

According to the “Information Resistance”, separatists “veterans” had their own version of the searches reasons.

“Former “militiamen” consider that “LPR law enforcement officers” are either agents and act on the orders of the Ukrainian special services, or they revenge the participants of 2014 “Russian spring” for “spoiled career” in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

Conversely, “LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs” explains its actions with the fact that "militia veterans" keep "illegal" weapons, and often use it in domestic conflicts.

Earlier, QHA reported, that recently newly arrived unskilled Donbas militants mistakenly fired friendly front lines in the area of Anti-terrorist Operation.

PHOTO: Internet