Yesterday, on May 21 the militants of terrorist groups in Donbas fired the settlement of Marinka, as a result of which a residential house burnt down, according to the report by the press service of the police of Donetsk region.

"Yesterday at 20.00 a message from the staff of the State Emergency Situations Service was sent to the police department on duty, which noted that the house was burning on Shevchenko Street. At the scene, the investigative and operational group also worked.”

The press service noted that militants fired at Marinka almost all night long, until 6am.

As a result of the accident, no one was hurt, because the woman who owns the house was not at home.

“As it turned out, the owner now moved to the center of the city, because it was dangerous to stay at the place of residence. Shevchenko Street is in close proximity to the front line. In the morning, a 38-year-old woman applied to the police.”

Criminal proceedings were opened on this fact under Art. 258 (terrorist act) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Earlier, militants shelled the front-line settlement of Zaitseve, as a result of which a local woman was injured. A 60-year-old resident of Zaitseve was hospitalized to the city of Bakhmut with shrapnel wounds. The incident was qualified as a terrorist act.