In the course Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine, more than 1,500 servicemen of the Russian Federation were killed, the Head of the Union of Russian Committees of Soldiers' Mothers Valentina Melnikova said in an interview with "Ukrainian Truth".

“In our organization we know that there are a lot of Russians who died in Ukraine - one and a half thousand. Minimum. We know that Russians are still being sent to Ukraine.”

She noted that, according to the Kremlin's decision, the Russian military on the territory of Ukraine act as saboteurs, respectively, the state is not responsible for them. In a civil organization, such actions by the Russian command and personally President Putin are considered criminal in relation to the soldiers of the Russian army.

"In Ukraine, Putin has dragged the army into actions that can only be carried out by subversive special forces where soldiers act knowingly, they have such duties. If the saboteurs return alive, the command do not disown them, because the status is different ...”

Earlier, April 20, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the military command of the Russian Federation transfers servicemen to the Donbas under the guise of previously announced mobilization of militants in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

In the end of March, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ordered to increase the grouping of militants in the Donbas to 50,000 people.

PHOTO: Internet