On April 18, representatives of the ORDLO disrupted the procedure for verifying persons in penal institutions in the hostage exchange program, according to the Ukrainian representative in the subgroup on humanitarian issues of the tripartite contact group for the settlement of the situation in the Donbas Irina Gerashchenko.

“On Tuesday, April 18, representatives of the OSCE, the Security Service of Ukraine and the office of the Ukrainian Ombudsperson Lutkovskaya were already in Mariupol, according to the agreements reached in Minsk on the humanitarian subgroup and at the TCG, in order to finally begin interrogation of hundreds of people who are in prison facilities, who can be released from further serving of punishment according to the Ukrainian legislation only for the sake of the release of our hostages in ORDLO,” Gerashchenko informed.

She noted that the procedure was blocked only by the representatives of the L/DPR, who wanted to return to the discussion at another meeting in Minsk.

"The tactics of ORDLO and their Russian curators are obvious - to block the process of releasing hostages, to completely exclude international humanitarian organizations from the dialogue," she stated.

Earlier, Gerashchenko claimed that in the "L/DNR" the number of prisoners is 126 people, including civilians, while the number of missing persons reached at least 418.

PHOTO: Internet