Russia is transferring taskforces of mercenaries, as well as military units, equipped with self-propelled multiple rocket launcher systems BM-27 Uragan to the border with Ukraine, the Speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel Dmytro Hutsulyak reported.

He noted that Russia uses military exercises Vostok -2018 as a pretext.

“The Russian military-political leadership increases the number of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In particular, under the guise of participation in the maneuvers of the Vostok -2018, separate military units on standard equipment, including artillery units, which are equipped with the BM-27 Uragan, were transferred from the eastern regions of Russia to the areas of concentration along the Ukrainian border.”

At the same time, the Russian Federation deployed field camps near the Ukrainian border, where special forces were formed to provide covert rotation and to strengthen the militant's advanced positions in the Donbas.

“Part of the units of the so-called "new recruits" is completed exclusively by representatives of Dagestan and Chechnya. The so-called "Cossack detachments" are also formed, some of which have already come under the command of 1 Army Corps of occupiers."

Hutsulyak emphasized that under the guise of maneuvers, Russia transports new arms shipments to the border with Ukraine, as well as engineering equipment for the transfer to terrorists in the ORDLO.

Earlier, the largest exercise in 37 years Vostok-2018 began in Russia. About 300,000 militaries take part in it, and several tens of thousands of armored vehicles, helicopters, planes, unmanned aerial vehicles are involved. The Russian Federation intends to work out the organizing of interaction between land forces and naval forces.

Source: UNIAN